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Add£ºHoushan, Shitang, Wenglin, Zhejiang, China

Zhejiang Changhong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., located in Shitang Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province-- a town renowned to enjoy the first ray of sunlight in the east, covers a land area of 100,000m2 and is with the coastline at length of 600m. The company is adjacent to China coastal north-south deep water channel in the east, over 50km far from Yongtai Express in the west, 36km far from Taizhou Huangyan Airport in the north. The company enjoys a very convenient traffic.

The shipbuilding site of the company is divided into internal and external part: the external part is mainly for berth assembly, and units of the main hull are welded, launched and outfitting assembled here. In addition, there are three 30,000t level ship berths, each of 150m and 100m outfitting assembly dock and three 120t gantry cranes in this part; the internal part is mainly for material cutting, processing and unit making. It is equipped with office building, unit making bracket, digital control material cutting workshop, pipe process workshop and painting workshop.

The company mainly produces ships for sea transportation at tonnage ranging 5000-30,000 including bulk cargo ship, container ship, multi-purpose ship and chemical tanker.

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ADD: Houshan, Shitang Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang, China. TEL: 0086-576-86782688 / 86782689 FAX: 0086-576-86782688 / 86782689
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